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    Problem attaching reference files in parallel approval workflow

    Daniel Hunter

      Currently designing an Engineering Change workflow.  I have created a series of parallel transitions for various departmental stage approvals.  These transitions set the corresponding variable that I have setup to '1'.  This in turn means that on my data card I have linked a checkbox which is then ticked upon each corresponding departments approval.


      My problem is that pushing a file through this workflow is fine.  However at any point in the workflow when I go check out the EC document and paste a document as reference, this then seemingly turns on all of the other checkboxes (i.e. all other departments variables are somehow set to '1'?!?)


      Any help with this would be much appreciated as I am reluctant to develop the workflow any further without resolving this issue.

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          Graham Stephenson

          When variables seem to change randomly it is sometimes a sign that the mappings are set up incorrectly. You may want to check each variable in the EPDM admin tool to make sure that they do not use the same attribute name.


          If two or more variables are setup to map to the same attirbute then they can appear to change randomly when only one variable changes! This can be very confusing.


          During the "Paste as Reference" operation the file metadata is updated and the incorrect mappings are pushed to all the other variables with the same attibte name.


          My advice would be to give each "departmental stage approval" variable a unique attribute name so they do not get upodated via another variable change.


          Hope this helps!