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Copying Parts from the toolbox to the working directory of the main assembly?

Question asked by Mitch Cooper on Oct 27, 2011

I recently started working at a new company that uses Enterprise PDM extensively to organize our files. They also have a toolbox setup in pdm to hold common parts that we use such as doors, piping, and even larger assemblies such as buildings. Currently I believe it is not setup as a solidworks toolbox, we just add a path in the design library task pane to the directory of these parts/assemblies as seen below.




Now this setup works good if the toolbox does not change (IE someone changes the part, deletes it, renames it, ect), however if someone edits it as you know since it is still referenced back to the toolbox it will either fail to find it or be updated with changes made after the part was added to the assembly. What I am wondering is if its possible for solidworks/pdm to create a copy to the directory of the parent assembly when you drag the part into the assembly? This would allow changes to be made to the part which would then be saved outside of the toolbox and allow all the parts located in that assembly to be located in a single directory. Currently the only way to do this that I know of is to locate the file in PDM and either pack and go it, or copy tree it to the location of the parent assembly. However due to our part number structure we have to manually go in and change every file in the said assembly so that PDM index's it correctly. I need it to retain the original data card and part numbers.