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    Design Study: Using a Probe without setting up Sensors

    Nathan Cser

      I'm varying the wall thickness of my part while running iterative studies of the Von Mises stress. Initially, I wanted to check using a probe and was hoping it would just display the results from each scenario but it's greyed out. Is there something I'm doing wrong with my study set up that would not allow me to have a probe? If not, why is that feature disabled?


      Then I created sensors to check various areas of the model; after running an initial simulation, I set it to find the max along certain faces that I split using the split line feature. My issue is that I don't know exactly where these points are in 3D space and was hoping to have a tool that indicates exactly where these stress values are on the part. Is there a way to create a sensor that is positioned at a sketch point that I will place at the maximum stress location in order to gather locational data (if probe really won't work)?


      I should mention that I'm having trouble with the Design Study tool. I created this assembly in order to simulate tension and compression on 3 interlocking parts and placed the parts so that the faces interact with each loading simulation (using 2 configurations). After I renamed the config's, the studies don't allow me to access them anymore when I activate that tab; it seems that renaming the config causes the study to lose the reference (therefore I think I have to create new studies, import the scenarios from the exported .csv, and re run the 6 scenarios again for each study again?).


      Finally, what does it mean when it says: "Current scenario's results are interpolated (Right Click + Run to calculate accurate results for a scenario)"? This only appears In the "Results View" when a scenario isn't selected and right clicking as it suggests I do does not even bring up that option.


      Thank you to anyone who can help me with this!

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          Jason Fishner

          I've had a similar problem recently trying to get my sensors in exact locations.  The only way I've successfuly been able to do this is by creating a split line that has a vertex at the point I care about.  Then when I go to select my sensors, it allows me to select the vertex at the split line which I can then save as a set of sensors.


          Hope this helps.



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            Ryan Werner

            Hi Nathan,


            I had never actually noticed but the Probe feature is greyed out using Optimization so I do not think you are doing anything wrong.  I am not sure why they would not have that functionality available for Optimization studies.


            You cannot connect a sensor to point in a sketch, it has to be a vertex from the model.  However, split lines do work here so you can create a split line that creates a vertex and the choose that for your sensor.  Not a flexible obviously as choosing a point in a sketch but hopefully you can make it work.


            When you changed the configuration names it most likely did lose the link between the study and the configuration, however, it should still work with one of the configurations you changed whether it is the right one or not.  You can solve this by duplicating the study.  When you duplicate the study you can choose what configuration you want it to link to.


            Ryan W.

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              Nathan Cser

              Thanks Jason and Ryan, I figured I would just do a split. That confirmed my original solution.


              Hi Ryan, I actually am running an evaluation study. I set all stresses to "Monitor Only" so that I can see the effects of the change to the model dimension that I am varying. Probe doesn't seem to work in this as well.


              I tried duplicating the study and I didn't have the dialog to rename and set the configuration as I would have seen if I duplicated a FEA study. I thought this was odd and that's why I realized I had to import scenarios.


              This tool is great but it seems to lack the functionality that I require. Instead of solving this situation with 2 design studies, I think I will just create 12 simulation studies with 12 configurations that have the 6 varying dimensions (x 2 loading conditions). That way I can duplicate the study and just set the new configuration to be tied to. Then all I have to do is Run all the studies before I leave for the day and I'll have results when I get back in the morning.