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"File Needs to be Rebuilt in SolidWorks" warning message.

Question asked by Stephan Hess on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Russ Brooks

Here's what I am doing:


Create a model, save it into the EPDM Vault.

Create a drawing of that model and save it into the EPDM Vault.


Check in the drawing.  Close the drawing.


Make a change to the model.

Save it.

Check it in.


When I look at the preview of the drawing in my windows explorer, I am not seeing the bold message at the bottom of the preview window, "File Needs to be Rebuilt in SolidWorks."

I really should see that message because the model and the drawing are now different without any warning.


If I do a state change on the drawing and model together, then I will get the message in the state change dialog and then also in the preview window.


Can anyone explain to me what triggers that warning message and how I can get EPDM to always show that message if the file needs rebuilding?