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    "File Needs to be Rebuilt in SolidWorks" warning message.

    Stephan Hess

      Here's what I am doing:


      Create a model, save it into the EPDM Vault.

      Create a drawing of that model and save it into the EPDM Vault.


      Check in the drawing.  Close the drawing.


      Make a change to the model.

      Save it.

      Check it in.


      When I look at the preview of the drawing in my windows explorer, I am not seeing the bold message at the bottom of the preview window, "File Needs to be Rebuilt in SolidWorks."

      I really should see that message because the model and the drawing are now different without any warning.


      If I do a state change on the drawing and model together, then I will get the message in the state change dialog and then also in the preview window.


      Can anyone explain to me what triggers that warning message and how I can get EPDM to always show that message if the file needs rebuilding?





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          Steve Ostrovsky

          They are based on timestamps apparently - this is a little old, but I would guess it hasn't changed.


          S-035722 - Why do I get a "file is not rebuilt" warning in check in, get version and change state dialogs in Enterprise PDM and what does it mean?


          The "file is not rebuilt" warnings is a feature introduced in Enterprise 2009 to help warn the user that the drawing or assembly you are checking in, or changing state on, might have been saved with out of date references. For example the geometry of a part is updated - but the assembly has not been opened and saved to reflect the updated part changes, which might lead to incorrect drawing being printed or similar.  This relies on reference timestamps being saved within the assembly or drawing file itself, and the SolidWorks api (SW document manager) extracts these timestamps for Enterprise to store in the database and use to show warnings in the reference dialogs. 


          The warning will show which assembly configuration or drawing sheet needs to be updated to ensure the model data is correct. You can also click the warning to see more details about it. Some configurations will need to be activated and rebuilt before the warning is removed.


          However, there were some bugs in both Enterprise and SolidWorks 2009 SP0 causing some assemblies to not return correct timestamp info, even though the model data was up to date. If you have opened and rebuilt the assemblies, and still get the warning, it points to one of these bugs. 2009 SP2 of Enterprise and SolidWorks corrects most of these issues, but there are still reports of some assemblies not returning correct timestamp. This does not neccesarily mean something is wrong with the model data. Just that the timestamp info is incorrect. Contact SolidWorks techsupport and report the inconsistency.


          If the warnings do not function correctly - there is an option to disable them. Right-click on a users (or users group) in the administration tool, settings, reference dialog and you should be able to disable the warnings. This option was introduced in Enterprise 2009 SP2.  For 2009 SP0 there is a registry update available that disables the rebuild warning feature.


          There were some problems having the warning message show up even though all the files had been rebuilt and saved - opposite of what you're experiencing. Those would have Null values or 1970 dates - really weird stuff. Also, lightweight assemblies caused some problems.

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            Ryan Fritts

            We are having this issue as well.  Has anyone figured out if this has been fixed in the 2012 versions of SolidWorks/PDM?

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              Shawn Casebolt

              Can someone from SW possibly comment on this.  I have a custom built program that will go thru an assy and rebuild everything top to bottom.  All configurations, all sheets.....except some files (mainly drawings) will still show the rebuild error.  We have a log that shows what files, sheets, configs are re-built and if successful.  All appear successful, yet the drawings that show errors show maybe a second or two difference.    It appears if you manually open these drawings and then rebuild and check in, it is usually ok.   We were sold on EPDM that the shop can view our models and drawings, so its not good to tell them to ignore out of date warnings. EPDM 2016 build 16.4(B93)