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    Slot dimensioning question

    Glenn Schroeder

      OK, I sketched a slot.  The dimension that I have is for the total length of the slot and not from the centers of the end arcs, and I don't want to have to do the math (I could but it's just one more chance for a mistake).  I select the Smart Dimension function and click on each arc and then the box for Slot Types (first picture).  It doesn't work.  It still dimensions from the centerpoints of the arcs.  I have to type in a dimension, hit Enter (or the green checkmark) to set it, click on the dimension again to highlight it, then go to the Arc Condition box under the Leaders tab and set both arc conditions to Max (second picture), then double click on the dimension to set it to the dimension I want. This seems much more tedious than it needs to be.  Any ideas?  SW2010 sp4.





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          Wayne Tiffany

          I can't speak to the graphic being correct or not as I don't use it.  When you pick your arcs, hold the shift key all the way through picking both arcs and then placing the dim.  Then you will have the outside to outside dim directly.



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              Glenn Schroeder

              Thank you Wayne.  I figured it was something simple, but I'd still like to know why that function doesn't work like it should.

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                  Wayne Tiffany

                  It appears that selecting one of the graphics makes a difference when you have the dims box checked.  The dim it puts on will be related to which graphic you choose.  And modifying the parameters in the dialog is dependent on which graphic you choose.  If you put your own dims on it doesn't make any difference which graphic is chosen as the length of the line that you draw and use as a gauge for the length of the slot is not translated to an overall length - it remains the length as sketched.



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                      Tom Spine

                      Wayne is correct. Selecting the "Add dimensions" checkbox will automatically add dimensions to your slot sketch, according to the layout of the selected icon button below it (Center to Center, or Overall Length). The layout of the Slot Types group box is, uhhh, let's just say not ideal.


                      If you know you want to dimension the overall length, the idea was (pure conjecture follows, as this was designed before my tenure at SolidWorks and I haven't hunted around today to find out "who did this?") that an efficient workflow would be to select the "Add dimensions" checkbox, select the Overall Length icon button, and then sketch your slot. Voila, you have your slot plus both dimensions.


                      I bet, however, that more than one person out there gets surprised, if they do this, that the first two clicks in making the slot are still the center to center points -- as shown by the numbers in the Straight Slot icon. Just sayin'.


                      However, if you want to dimension after sketching the slot, you should (famous last words) be able to easily get what you want. Oh, wait! I see the problem. Follow along, let me see if I can list out what I am seeing (SW2012, but that shouldn't matter)...

                      1. Sketch a slot. Make sure you have Straight Slot selected, the "Add dimensions" checkbox not checked, but the Overall Length icon button selected.
                      2. Smart Dimension. Select one arc end, then the other arc end, and go to place the length dimension -- but don't place it yet! Notice you are getting a center-to-center length dimension even though the dimensioning scheme in the Slot Types group box shows the Overall Length icon button is selected.
                      3. Move your mouse pointer over to the Slot Types group box in the PropertyManager, click on the Center to Center icon button, then click on the Overall Length icon button. Now go back to placing your length dimension and look -- low and behold you now are getting the proper Overall Length dimension!


                      Seems to me that the PropertyManager is wrong and misleading in step 2 above. It is as if the Slot Types dimensioning buttons are being ignored until you click on them, yet they have a state set from step 1.


                      I wonder if there is an SPR open on this already?...(scurry, scurry, search, search...) Yes, found an internally generated/found SPR that is quite similiar to what I describe above. I'll add some detail to it and follow up with the developer...



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                          Mark Larson

                          "I bet, however, that more than one person out there gets surprised, if they do this, that the first two clicks in making the slot are still the center to center points -- as shown by the numbers in the Straight Slot icon. Just sayin'."


                          I don't know why they would, it appears to me to act exactly as expected.


                          you are given 4 types of slots to construct

                          then you have the choice of adding dimensions or not

                          and are given two methods of dimensioning it


                          often you will end up editting these dimensions anyways, since you don't have the option to enter your values

                          when you do edit these values you can use the  leader dialogue


                          or just don't auto add the dimensions, add them yourself using the shift key method


                          frankly, I think this is much about nothing

                          given all the more serious fixes SW needs,

                          for gawd sakes leave the developers alone to tackle more important problems


                          just my .02

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                              Mike Cole

                              The Dimensioning style used for the slot can be modified later on by selecting the slot and changing the dimensioning type center-center or extents and width from the property manager later on.


                              Finish the Slot it may be you were already placing the slot with default or last used scheme and it won't let it be changed during creation as with Add Dimensions check box hopefully they can make it so the Add Dims check box can be clicked on the fly. If you finish the slot as I've said above you can reselect it and pick the other Slot Types button and the dims will be swapped and size preserved.