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Really???  No More Linked Values in 2012?

Question asked by Danny Sillett on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2011 by James Pare

As per the usual, SolidWorks goes and reinvents the wheel and makes my job take longer to do in 2012...  Why do they see the need to reinvent the wheel in some area?  I swear, each release seems to improve some critical areas somewhat, ramp up the graphic bells and whistles, and slow me down drastically in one key area I always use.


For the past 6 years I've been using linked values for specific dimensions that are the same in various sketches where I can't just pick the geometry in a sketch and relate it as being equal to a piece of geo in another sketch.  This was an extremely handy tool where when the dialog box comes up to modify the value of a dimension, you could right click in the value and select "link dimension" to set the number to be linked to values of other dimensions in other sketches.  Change that dimension in one sketch, and it automatically changes it in all the others, saving tons of time.


Per SW Help:

You can no longer create linked values (also referred to as shared values or linked dimensions) in SolidWorks 2012 and later. Instead, you use global variables for the same purpose.

In previous versions of SolidWorks, linked or shared values were used to link two or more dimensions without using equations or relations. Changing any one of the linked values would change the other to which it was linked. Existing linked values are still supported, but you cannot create new linked values in SolidWorks 2012 and later. Instead, you use global variables for the same purpose as linked values. Global variables are much easier to find, change, and manage than linked values.


So now Linked Valued has been replaced with Global Variables to do the same thing, but it seems so far to take much longer.  The other part that sucks is a dimension with a Global Variable attached to it uses the same Equation icon as if it were an actual equation instead of a Global Variable.  This makes it tougher to decipher whther a dimension uses a math equation or if it's a Global Variable.  When you're rooting through your sketches and need to unlink a dimension momentarily while you transform a shape, it makes it much easier when you could separate a linked value from a math driven equation, now they use the same symbol, freakin great...


I dunno, maybe I'm just not used to it yet, just seems it was much simpler before.