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Drive Items to Multiple Bills of Material

Question asked by Steven Williams on Oct 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by Keith Hooks

I have a pretty revolutionary idea for us that I’m hoping you can help me to incorporate into our drawings.  On our drawings now we have different lists of items.  One would be a general legend, one would be Keyswitches and Toggle Legend, and the other would be Fire cabinet legend.  Now I know I can do more than one bills of materials on a drawing and I know I can have the table linked to different configurations.  But what I need it the ability to have a custom property that tells each assembly or part in the assembly on which bom it needs to be.  Like items A would be on Table A etc…


The problem with configurations is if someone adds an item there is really little automatic control of which BOM that will show up on.  It will basically be on the bom for the configuration I am in.  Do you guys know of any way to specify which items go to which bom?  I think even if it’s with a Design Table I could make that work.  Any ideas?


Could I somehow with api query a specific property and have it populate the corrisponding tables?