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CWR file gets deleted when new study is made

Question asked by David Maxham on Oct 24, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Doobie Abraham

Question 1: We use Solidworks Simulation to model vibration in three axes.  Each axis is represent by a different study having a suffix in its name to indicate the axis, for example model1 rv x axis.  After running the first study, say in the x axis, I then make a duplicate of that study by changing the "x axis" suffix to "y axis."  But after running the y axis study, the CWR file for the original "x axis" study is gone.  The same thing happens when I continue to the z axis - the CWR file for the y axis is somehow deleted by the software. This means I have to run the previously solved x and y axes over if I want  to look at the results again.  Any ideas what could be happening?


Question 2: though I have the properties for each study set to D:\model1\results, the software never puts any of the results (CWR, PHI, etc) files into the results subdirectory.  Instead all results files are in the D:\model subdirectory with three separate and blank "x axis," "y axis," and "z axis" subdirectories.  The Simulation/Options/Default Options/Results is also set to Solidwork Document Folder with the "under sub folder" clicked on and set to results.


Any help is greatly appreciated.  Over the course of the last few years I've contacted support about these problems, along with sending log files, etc, etc, but there's never been a solution to the problem.