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Measure Tool Won't Select Faces for Measuring

Question asked by Richard Martin on Oct 24, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by Alice Caspari

I have a SolidWorks user who is unable to use the Measure tool to select faces for measurement. This happens when he selects the Measure tool icon first & then attempts to select the faces to be measured. The faces seem to be unselectable, regardless of where he clicks upon the face of the part. The faces are the ends of a simple tube that are within an assembly. However, if he selects the two faces first, & then selects the Measure tool icon, it works out fine. I have opened the same assembly on my computer & I have no issues at all. The Measure tool works fine for me, all the time, which makes me think this is some type of setting/option issue. Has any one else ever come across this issue or know of a solution? We are both using SW2011 SP4.


Many thanks in advance!