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Best practice to open older or newer revisions of subassemblys?

Question asked by Staffan Holm on Oct 24, 2011
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How is PDMW designed to work when opening older or newer revision of a subassy? Any suggestions for best practice is really appreciated.



Some info to help you understand what I ask about.


Pic 1 - 3. If I open an assy with subassys I can change revisions (above the red line) of the top level assy and the revisions (below the red line) of the components will also update. As built has to be choose. This is as I expect.






Pic 4 - 5. But if I choose a subassy below the red line the components are not updated. Pic 5 are the true revisions of 00.A. But if I go on and open as in pic 4 I will get rev 00.B of component jaw. If I then check in and open again I will get an updated subassy also. Another way to handle it is to work bottom up. In this example I would open the subassy jaw_and_support rev 00.A and the open and check out assy vise without getting a local copy of subassy jaw_support.


Any better ideas?