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    solid works drawing feature seperation

    Ali Haider

      hi all hope you will be fine i have very difficult situation i have made a frame of the Crumblle rollre  an agricultural implement. i have the drawing now i want that  the features used in it like ribs or littel supports in form of extrudes etc seperatly in the drawing. i.e as in assembly there is a model view as same is there any way to seperate and number the features , as shown in the figure littel white and red supports. plz tell if the can be seperated in drawings any way.

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          Tony Cantrell

          Edit feature and uncheck merge results, it will then create bodies that can be saved as parts.

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            Glenn Schroeder



            Assuming that these are seperate bodies in a part file, there are two options that I use.  The first is to use the Select Bodies function in the PropertyManager.   This can be done when first inserting the Model View of the part, or after the part has been brought into the drawing.  I don't know which version of SW you're using, and I believe this feature was new with SW2010.


            select bodies.png

            A second option is to bring the part into the drawing, RMB on it, and choose Drawing View > Relative View.  That works in earlier versions.  This is used for views other than the standard ones (you will be asked to choose a front face and right face), but there is an option for selecting bodies to display if you don't want to show the whole part in the drawing.


            relative view.png

            Feel free to ask if you have more questions.