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    How to Thicken or offset this simple surface???

    Victor Ascencao

      Hi guys, I´m creating a solutionfor a part that we already had in solids, so I cutted the solid with surfaces at some points, and created some surfaces

      from the resulting edges, or created 0 offsets to "copy" others.  So I have the atacched surface, and when I try to thicken it to 1.7 mm inwards (or offset it the same amount ) that is whatI need;  I get a really strange thing, on both cases the preview shows what is supposed to, a yellowish surface 1.7mm away from the base one, but hitting enter, creates a strange solid (or offset surface) that has that 1.7mm on the top but down intersects itself.


      I really don´t know why Solidworks do this kind of stuff, or may be is me, but if the preview shows exactly what we designers expect, why produces a completely different result afterwards?????


      I really appreciate if somebody tell me what can I do.


      Thank you in advance



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          Matt Lombard

          I checked the surface, and I can't find anything directly wrong with it, but judging from the results of the thicken and offset, I would say there has to be something squirrelly about it. Check says the minimum radius is off the part somewhere. I've seen that before, and it's just  a bug in the tool, I think. To give you a better answer, I'd have to see how the surface was made. If you turn on the Curvature display, you can see little areas where the curvature doesn't change uniformly, although this might just be a display glitch or something.


          If you really just need a thickened part and don't have any time for trying to find the reason for the error, then just loft a new surface. I'd make two planes parallel to the Top plane that section through the loop, then open a sketch and use Intersection Curve to capture the intersection between the plane and the surface, and then offset the resulting spline. If you do this twice, and then make guide curves in the other direction and use a Boundary surface, you should be able to rebuild the surface "accurately enough" depending on what you are using it for. Make sure that the new surface is taller than the original in both up and down directions. For the thickness faces, I'd use Ruled surfaces with the Normal To Surface option, and then use mutual trim to trim the boundary and the 2 Ruled surfaces.


          Best of luck.