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Assembly graphics performance in context edit.

Question asked by Jonas Concepcion on Oct 23, 2011

Does anyone elses viewport come to a crawl when doing an in context edit of a part and the rest of the assembly is rendered transparent? This is the default setting for solidworks and the way I have been working for years. I got the impression that 2011 is a graphics hog since I do not recall the viewport performance being this poor over the years I have been using this program. The models I work with have not really increased in parts or complexity. For the past year I was have been using a quadro 570 and then a geforce 8800 when I upgraded to a 30" screen. Thinking that it may be my outdated graphics cards causing slowdown with transparent objects I upgraded to a Firepro V5900. No change...... Nothin. Pretty annoyed.


My specviewperf numbers are in line with the great reviews this card has been getting. It also doesnt seem that my CPU or Ram is the bottleneck since neither is fully utilized according to the system monitor. I dunno maybe my expectations are too high. But it's pretty dissapointing that I can longer work like this with assemblies consisting of 20 - 50 parts (mostly nuts an d bolts) and fairly simple geometry.






Core I5 Quad @ 3.9 Ghz

8 Gig Ram



Quadro 570

Geforce 8800 GT

Firepro V5900




Core I7 Quad 1.8 Ghz

8 Gig Ram

120 GB SSD


Firepro M5950


Both perform similarly with the files I work with. I'd love to get some of your experiences.