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    Rod Samuel

      I am trying to create a drawing from a sketch not a part. Is this possible? I'm using the drawing to save in .dxf format and I do not need a 3D rendering just the sketch entities. Any help is appreciated.



      Rod Samuel

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          JOHN GEORGE

          Start a new drawing


          Insert>Drawing View>Empty

          This will insert an empty space in the drawing sheet.


          Now you can insert sketch and do everything with sketch and dimensions.

          Then save as .dxf


          Hope this helps.



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            Anna Wood

            You could use Draftsight for creating what you want.  It is free.  www.draftsight.com


            Assuming you have a sldprt with a sketch in it, you can bring it into your slddrw.  Just be sure to change the visibility of the sketch to Show over in the Feature Manager on the left.  Also make sure you have the Sketches set to view under View > Sketches.




            With that said you can sketch in a slddrw as well.  All the commands on the Sketch toolbar can be used in an slddrw.







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              Silas Curfman

              We do this often for hydraulic control schematics.


              1. Open a new part
              2. Draw your sketch on a chosen plane
              3. Do not try to extrude, just stop with the sketch.
              4. Save part
              5. Insert part into new drawing
              6. You will have to choose Insert - Model View - select a given view from your Part
              7. Turn on View - Sketches in your drawing.
              8. Confirm your selected view gives you the correct orientation
              9. Save Drawing as .dxf


              This is how we do it and I've been happy with the results.  I will add that if you may want to create a template just for this situation as Sketch lines tend to show up lighter than Model lines when shown in a drawing.  You can modify your options to have Sketch geometry shown with heavier lines if you need to.  This method allows us to use the same drawing templates and title blocks as our parts and assemblies.  I like it because I've already got a sketch block library created so I can drag and drop elements onto my schematics.




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                Scott McFadden


                What not just create a brand new Solidworks drawing with no views

                and go to Insert>dxf/dwg.

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                  Charles Isaac-Samuel

                  Can you change sketch colors in the drawing? I'm having trouble doing that. Sorry for the necro-bump.

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                      Glenn Schroeder

                      Charles Isaac-Samuel wrote:


                      Can you change sketch colors in the drawing? I'm having trouble doing that. Sorry for the necro-bump.


                      Yes.  Turn on your Line Format toolbar and you can use the "Line Color" icon to change colors.  You can also use this toolbar to change the line thickness or type of needed.


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                          Charles Isaac-Samuel

                          Thanks Glenn! That works in some cases, but I wasn't able to change the colors of "inactive" sketches. I saw that I had to change the color in system options of inactive sketches, and that changed their colors. I wasn't able to individually change their colors however when I created some layers and also used the line color button. They just stayed gray.


                          *edit* Nvermind! I was able to use the line color tool to change colors after all! I must not have done it correctly before.

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                            Charles Isaac-Samuel

                            I wish this tool could be used to change the color of entire sketches in the drawing sheet, but when I highlight a sketch in the feature tree, the line color button goes gray.