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    sldShellExtServer.exe is causing TortoiseSVN to hang.

    Scott Stanford

      We use SVN to back up our documents, and recently it appears that the SolidWorks process "sldShellExtServer.exe" is causing commits to hang.  I understand that this process helps create the thumbnails, and can be somewhat CPU intensive.  Here's the info dump when I have to shut down the TortoiseSVN commit:


        A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

      Problem signature:
        Problem Event Name:    AppHangXProcB1
        Application Name:    TortoiseProc.exe
        Application Version:
        Application Timestamp:    4e935126
        Hang Signature:    241f
         Hang Type:    64
        Waiting on Application Name:    sldShellExtServer.exe
        Waiting on Application Version:
        OS Version:    6.1.7601.
        Locale ID:    1033
        Additional Hang Signature 1:    241f645b44023b2ad35ff56c2ff2b6a6
         Additional Hang Signature 2:    901f
        Additional Hang Signature 3:    901f201820843874b6706d26c0d1dd42
        Additional Hang Signature 4:    241f
        Additional Hang Signature 5:    241f645b44023b2ad35ff56c2ff2b6a6
         Additional Hang Signature 6:    901f
        Additional Hang Signature 7:    901f201820843874b6706d26c0d1dd42


      I'd prefer to leave the thumbnails enabled (they're helpful in visually tracking down files).  Are there methods to alleviate the CPU strain (if that indeed is the issue)?  Or do I need to shut down this process, and if so, is there a simple way to do so (and how do I turn it back on)?  (I gather it runs independently from SolidWorks, so just quitting SW won't work.)

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          Brett Gombar

          I also encounter a similar problem with tortoise SVN v1.7.1.  Currently, this prevents me from getting locks and releasing locks.


          I found that turning off the "show lock dialog before locking files" in settings>Dialogs2  enabled me to get the locks on individual files.  It still hung when trying to get locks on entire folders.  I still had issues trying to release the locks on these files though.


          I'm probably just going to go back to 1.6 since that didnt have any issues. It would be nice to know if there was a fix though.

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              Michael Keller

              We have a similar problem since we updated to 1.7/1.7.1 and only with SolidWorks (2009, 2010, 2011) files.


              What I've tried since the update :


              - Sometimes it helps, when I close all Windows from Windows Explorer. And start again one Window.

              - First SVN Update and then SVN Commit

              - Often works it, when I've booted the computer in the morning new after I tried to COMMIT without success at the last evening.

              - With 1.6 and before, we hadn't any problems like this.


              We are close to the point to reinstall the 1.6 Version


              UPDATE :


              sldShellExtServer.exe seems to run, when SolidWorks2009 SP0.0 is installed and a Windows Explorer Window is open. I uninstalled SWX2009 SP0.0. In the next step I started to commit my CAD files - and it works.  Current installation : Windows 7 64bit, SWX2011 SP4.0, SWX2010 SP5.0, TortoiseSVN 1.7.1.

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              Mark Stillman

              HI, one of the guys i work with has found a fix.

              Its working on my machine, im not saying it will work on anyone elses. Do at your own risk.

              (Just to cover me if it goes wrong and wipes your system!)


              Download ShellExView and then run it, select all the items under description as SldShtExt

              Theses are:


              SLDASMIcons Class

              SLDDEWIcons Class

              SLDPRTIcons Class

              SldShellExtension Class

              Solidworks Document Thumbnail Handler

              SolidWorks file Info Tips Class

              SolidWorks file Preview Class


              It will remove all the icons from solidworks , but it will stop the clash with Tortoise SVN!


              Now i can get back to actually doing my job!


              Hope this is helpful.

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                Joshua Bannister

                Thank you all for the answers you provided, after researching many different sites and solutions I have summarized what works perfectly with my machine running:

                • SolidWorks 2013 64 Bit SP2.0
                • Windows 7 64 Bit
                • TortoiseSVN 1.7.11, Build 23600 - 64 Bit


                To fix this problem without disabling sldshellextserver.exe (as some of you will still want the small preview in the bottom left and in the large preview bar) you just have to stop windows from referring to the program for icons only.


                Open up Registry Editor:


                Find your extension (for this example I am using .SLDPRT)


                In this extension it gives you a reference to look up in the Data column (SldPart.Document)




                      (Default) = SldPart.Document





                Rename the icon handler to anything you wish to (we used the following so in the future we can see why we renamed it)






                This works perfectly as it stops the SVN client from attempting to look up what the icon should be using sldshellextserver.exe


                This must be done for all extensions that solidworks uses .SLDPRT, .SLDASM, .SLDDRW


                TortoiseSVN will no longer hang when adding/committing/etc.


                I Hope this helps.