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Creating a configured part from many existing .iges files

Question asked by Teague Tyloch on Oct 21, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by Troy Peterson

I am trying to create a configured part file with every dash # for an external retaining ring.  I've found some good stuff on 3d content central (only accurate for 1 configuration tho), and I have access to most of the dimensions needed to create a design table so that I can draw it myself, but I would rather take an easier route than that!


The Rotor Clip website offers downloads of individual .iges files for each of the dash #'s that I want to have configured, but with no dimensions.  My thought is that if could download and put all of those .iges files into one configured part file, it could be faster to create and easier for file management purposes.  Is it possible (or practical) to import all of these files into SolidWorks and put them together in one part file?