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VAULT ERROR: 22 - Document NOT found! - Error getting existing revisions

Question asked by Charley Leonard on Oct 21, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2011 by Larry Zolla

We recently moved our vault to a new server and everything seems fine as far as I can tell so far, except in one project, there is one drawing which shows up in the root of the project, as well as under a model it references, and it is greyed out (even when I'm logged in as the administrator).  When I right click on it and choose "explain access", I get the error message above.  It appears that in our case, this doesn't represent an actual loss of needed data, since there is another drawing of a slightly different name, referencing the same model, which works fine.   I theorize that this one (the greyed out one) was deleted from the vault at some point (a practice we don't use very often - instead we put things in a "trash" or "obsolete" project - but it has been done on a few occasions).  My concern isn't retrieving this file, but I would like it not to show up the way it does, and I don't see how to get rid of it. 


It could be that this anomaly was there before the vault move, and I just didn't notice it.  It's in a project I haven't been spending much time in lately.  Either way, I'd like to clear this.