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Finding Duplicated Unique Variables

Question asked by Corey Vantilborg on Oct 21, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by Alexander Schaaf



  I am beginning to have a real problem with EPDM.  Our Vault is old, dating back to the Conisio days.  When we implemented there was no filename uniqueness check.  Instead what you had to do was assign a variable, which would hold the filename and check against that.  This is how our Vault is configured.  To make matters worse we have two different departments that each have their own filename variable, so we can have legitmate duplicates as long as they use different filename variables.


  My question is this, does anyone have an SQL query to find duplicate variables?  I often find files which are firing the unique variable check, and when I attempt to use the complete search to find the variable it is useless, even when logged in as Admin so I can see private state files. 


   Any help would be appreciated.  I am leaning towards the issue being the system is flagging false positives but since there is no feedback about which variable on which file is the issue, its frustrating.  This is something Solidworks could easily fix.



Corey Vantilborg