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Install 500 client on 1 SNL server (SW2011 edu edition) in 5 labs with different Network ID

Question asked by Tri Prasetyo Wibowo on Oct 21, 2011

Hi All,


Is it possible to install 500 client (on different lab, actually on 5 labs. with 100 client per labs) to 1 SNL server. Actually the labs consist different network ID with another Labs. This condition on college/university with existing labs. they want to install 500 client /user solidworks into 5 labs. All the pc in the labs can use connect to the internet using nat.


For example :



LAB A  =  10.10.10. XXX 


LAB B  =  192.168.100.XXX


LAB C  =  10.10.100.XXX          ======================== >>   1 SNL Server  ( IP Public / 202.134.XXX.XXX)


LAB D  =  172.16.10.XXX


LAB E  =  172.32.100.XXX


is that any advice for this ?