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EPDM Task Instance in null in TaskLaunch process

Question asked by Yves Blandin on Oct 20, 2011

Hi Everyone,


I try to make a task addin for EPDM that displays a data card or a custom control to the user that triggers the task. Then I try to get the data entered into the task job.

To do this, I have translated the sample code provided in EPDM API Help to C#.

In the TaskLaunch process, the sample code states that we can implement a task instance object as follows (VB syntax) :

Private Sub OnTaskLaunch(ByRef poCmd As EdmCmd, ByRef ppoData As System.Array)

'Display a UI just because we can. Typically you would want to display a message box
  'Where the user enteres data that is passed to the task add-in via the props pointer.
  Dim v11 As IEdmVault11
  v11 = poCmd.mpoVault
  If v11.MsgBox(poCmd.mlParentWnd, "Hello!" + vbLf + "Are you sure you sure you want to launch the test task?", EdmMBoxType.EdmMbt_YesNo) <> EdmMBoxResult.EdmMbr_Yes Then
poCmd.mbCancel = True
    Exit Sub
  End If

  'Get the property interface used to access the framework
  Dim inst As IEdmTaskInstance
  inst = poCmd.mpoExtra
  inst.SetValEx("MyLaunchVar", "A launch value")

End Sub


My problem is : in my C# code, I check the inst IEdmTaskInstance object and it is null. That means that I cannot get the entered data to use in the TaskRun process the way the sample intends to do it.


Does someone succeeded in doing a task addin using such data card or custom control ?


Thanks for advice or help.


CADWARE Systems (VAR for France)