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    Who has the largest vault?

    Wayne Matus

      We all know that size does matter in an EPDM system. I am wondering who has the largest vault. How many documents do you have in your Enterprise PDM vault? How many total EPDM users do you have accessing the vault? Are these users at one location, or world wide?

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          Jim Sculley

          We have 200,000 files at the moment.  This is before anyone has even started using it.  It is all legacy data that was brought in and massaged to meet the requirements of our workflow design.  When up and running we will have 25 users.  Down the road we will likely add one or more replicated servers at a couple of remote offices.


          Jim S.

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            Jason Capriotti

            Current files: 117,000

            Still have to migrate in our SolidWorks files, about 70,000 file.


            588 user installed, 200 licenses (100 edit, 100 viewers), 169 user logged in. We've hit the 200 mark before but the system drops the users that haven't been active for 30 minutes when it does.....most people leave their computer running 24/7 and thus ePDM is running on there machine consuming the license. Luckily the timeout works.


            Database size:

                 MDF = 1.3gb

                 LDF = 28.gb


            Archive size: 30gb (260,718 files)


            We have two archive servers but have users in 5 locations, all located in the US. The two archive servers are located at our primary engineering location and one of our factorys which has additional engineering. The other locations only view PDF drawings so they pull from the primary location and since the PDF files are small, there doesn't seem to be a problem with access times.

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              Wayne Matus

              Thank you for the information. I am currently working with a client that has a large implementation. They have 150 licenses on the production database server and an additional 50 licenses on a testing server. The production server is handling multiple locations world wide. Their setup is a little unique in that each location is a separate business unit and do not need to share files, so each one has its own separate vault on its own local archive server. The largest vault has over 240,000 unique dpocuments in it

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                Adrian Velazquez

                We have only about 26,000, but we are currently just managing SW Files. We still have a lot of CAD Files to be migrated from Autocad to SW/EPDM; and we'll start expanding it to all departments, not just Engineering.


                Also, In the migration process we've made a lot of components of assemblies Virtual, and a lot of Part Numbers have been merged into Single Files with multiple configurations (as Part Numbers). We Revision Manage the Drawing files, not the Models.

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                  Todd Puckett

                  We have 100 licenses with users in China, Brazil, Mexico, and 3 permanent locations(with archive servers) in the US with other temporary job sites.  Our three vaults total 680 GB with 805,000 files.  We usually delete all old versions on jobs over 4 yrs old.


                  Database size:

                  All MDF files = 4.66 GB

                  All LDF files = 4.93 GB

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                    Ravi Teja

                    I m working on three clients having 70K , 45K , 20K individual files.

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                      Einar Gulbrandsen

                      We have approx 500.000 files on a single vault and only one location. 70 users and 30 editor licenses and some other licenses.