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CHANGING MY HUL (home use licence)

Question asked by CHRIS HOLSKE on Oct 19, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2011 by CHRIS HOLSKE

I recently changed jobs and disabled my HUL on my laptop at home, my new company gave me a HUL #.  Do I need to completely remove SolidWorks from my laptop and start over?  When I boot up SolidWorks now it asks me to 'register' and when I try it tells me I have exceeded the licence qty, obviously it is looking at the original licence.  If I remove SolidWorks can I reload it from the website or do I need to get the disks from my IT guy, trust me it was like pulling teeth to get the HUL # so I am hoping I can get this done without bothering him again.  I do have remote access but people who dont use SolidWorks don't understand when I tell them logging on remotely working on large assemblies is very frustrating to manipulate the model with the lag in the connection.


Basically I am trying to register the version I have already installed on my laptop with the new HUL #