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    can i creat two vault folders in pdm?

    Jaimin Shah

      In solidworks Enterprice PDM. can we able to creat two Vault in to same server? if answer is yes then how? and can we link the data between the two vault folders or can we make mirror image of each other or not?

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          Ravi Teja

          Hi Jaimin,


                            Yes,You can create two vaults on a same server.Go to admin tool and "Add a new vault".I didnt get the point in mirroring vaults within same server.

                             Mirroring a vault is possible make sure both Databases(SQL Data base of vault1 and vault2) are in sync and Archive files are in sync as well.


          Also Explain,why did this sututation of mirroring a vault arrived.





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              Jaimin Shah



              Thank you very much for reply. regarding Mirroring vaults, we have some old standard data, in which we have some relative assemblies and those are linked with that. Then our company decided to define a new system in which we changed all the folder structures & also library folders with different names. so what i am thinking to do is, i want to move my existing folder in to the vault & with onother vault i wants to create a mirror image of the same data. so we can run two parallel system without any more hassels.so, please tell me if, i can do it or not?





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              Ravi Teja


                         Oops I think I misunderstood your question.

                                You had a vault already with Data in it,You made few changes to your Product Structure etc.Now,You want a two vaults one with all the old data in it and other a fresh beginning with all you new changes (Ppl will work on this vault).


              Y is mirroring required?


              will i be right if i say you want to make a copy of a vault?



              If you already have a vault

              to make a copy of it


              1.Backup the sql database and Data of the vault1.
              2. go to administration and create another vault say Vault2 .

              3. now go to 'SQL Managmeent studio' and find the Database called "Vault2" and delet the database.

              4.now "restore Database" from the backup "Vault1.bak" to Vault2.(Aim:Vault1 and Vault2 Database are same...many ways to do it ).

              5. Copy the folders 0-F into vault to archive location of vault2.





              Ravi T