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Balloon driven BOM's yet???

Question asked by Silas Curfman on Oct 15, 2011
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Although I've used SW for over 10 years, this is my first discussion group post.  I've asked this question to my VAR(s) multiple times and also posted it as an enhancement request over the years.  Is there yet a way to drive BOM content and order by what is (and is *not*) ballooned?  I've searched the discussion group and I know this has been asked about over the years.  The best I can conclude is that there is not yet a way to do this.  Am I correct in this?


If you need context as to why I'm looking for this, it has to do with creating owners manuals.  I often want to include our entire assembly / product but only balloon a very few items.  I know I can do this by chopping up the BOM, but I always end up with either out of order Item Numbers not starting with 1 or at least having large gaps.  Thanks in advance.