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SWX 2011, Windows 7 Display freeze with only small box updating

Discussion created by Karen Brunke on Oct 14, 2011
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I went to a 2012 kickoff yesterday and found other companies that have this problem and didn't know the fix.  I thought I'd post it in case it helps anyone else.  This is the e-mail I sent out internally about the fix.  The great part about it is there is nothing to buy!!  You don't even have to update your display driver or go into the registry file.  I put it in Assemblies because that is where most people see it, but it isn't really an assembly issue.




If you are not experiencing graphics freezes in SWX, please disregard this e-mail.  No modifications are required.


If you are experiencing seemingly intermittent graphics freezes in SWX where only a small box updates as you rotate your display with the middle mouse, there is a fix. 


The fix is to enable AERO by using an AERO display theme instead of one of the Windows themes.   If you have modifications to your display settings that are important to you, please save your current theme before making any changes.



To start using an AERO theme, RMB (Right-Mouse-Button) on your desktop and select PERSONALIZE.

Select a theme out of the row of AERO themes (see picture).  Your computer will pause as it applies the new settings.






If you are so inclined, you can personalize your AERO theme with personal pictures and colors without causing the freezing to return. 

  • Changing the desktop background to one of your pictures is done thru the DESKTOP BACKGROUND icon at the bottom of the page. 
  • WINDOW COLOR is also there, as is SCREEN SAVER. 
  • Additional window object colors are available thru WINDOW COLOR, then the ADVANCED APPEARANCE SETTINGS link (see picture).




It will take you to the WINDOW COLOR AND APPEARANCE screen where you can set specific colors (see picture). 







  • DO NOT modify the Advanced System Settings/Performance Options to allow Windows to ADJUST FOR BEST PERFORMANCE or LET WINDOWS CHOOSE WHAT’S BEST.
  • DO NOT turn off USE VISUAL STYLES or ENABLE DESKTOP COMPOSITION.  Any of these modifications will cause the freezing to return.




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