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SolidWorks 2012 Rollout Notes - MLC Cad

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Oct 13, 2011

SolidWorks 2012 Rollout
American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX
October 13, 2011
Thomas Allsup Notes
Let's Go Design!


1.  2012 SP0 AVAILABLE
2.  Ninja Video for Applications Engineers - very cool
3.  You can pin down files in the open folder
4.  Control A selects all parts in an assembly
5.  Tile to dual monitors
6.  Change units in the Status Bar
7.  Search commands for seldom used commands - can launch command from search results, or show an arrow to where command is at, or go to help
8.  Zebra can use a custom JPEG image
9.  Escape during dimension only unselects last pick
10.  You can now draw a circle in a sketch and it will add diameter dimension automatically.
11.  You longer have add or edit equations, you now have "manage equations"
12.  You can rename dimensions in the modify dimension dialogue box.
13.  If you start entering a "=" sign in the modify dimension dialogue box then like Excel you can enter an equation.
14.  You can now select a part, subassembly, or assembly when you select a part in an assembly drawing.
15.  You can change any configuration in an assembly not just active one.
16.  You can now change flexible assemblies
17.  You can discard part changes if the assembly is open.
18.  "Tab" to hide parts in assemblies - Shift Tab to unhide parts in assemblies
19.  Feature Freeze
20.  Large Assembly Design Review
21.  Sheet Metal - swept feature - allows flat pattern as well (not clear how this works)
22.  You can now define bends based on tangency instead of internal or external sharps
23.  Punch tool now uses points and placement just like the hole wizard
24.  Open nuetral formats don't automatically save files on hard drive
25.  Toolbox no longer uses Access database - this now includes hole wizard and you can link hardware to a specific hole
26.  PCB - CircuitWorks - not using IDF format

27.  A great Dallas Stars - St.Louis Blues hockey game!!!