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SolidWorks 2012 Rollout Notes - Go/Engineer

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Go Engineer
SolidWorks 2012 Rollout
October 4, 2011
Old No 7 Club - American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX
Thomas Allsup Notes
Let's Go Design!


1.  GoEngineer - Altium EDA for PCB design integration with SolidWorks
2.  User Interface Enhancements
a. Recent Documents with push pin to make recent forever
b.  Control A to select everything
c.  Jump part to other monitor of a dual monitor system and maximum
d.  Unit switch on bottom of screen
e.  Command search
f.  Cross section as ususal or with "cap color" to show it is a cross section
3.  Sketching
a. Diameter centerline is now modal (in that mode) after to select it once
b.  Jump normal when you start a sketch
4. Equations Dialogue
a. Can turn on automatic order of solve
b. Can turn on automatic rebuild
c. Can name dimensions when you add it
5. Feature Freeze
a.  Like the rollback bar but at the top of the part
b.  Has to be turned on in the system menu
c.  Pulls down from top
6.  Assemblies
a.  Temporarily adds directory of browsed to files not orginally found
b.  Smart mates - added a slight time delay to keep from flipping around a lot
c.  Disregard change in assembly if you made change in a part
d.  Tab to hide part and shift tab to unhide part
7.  Toolbox doesn't wait on Access database
8.  Hole Wizard - First pick of plane doesn't place a hole there
9.  Large Design Review
a.  Replaces quickview
b.  Snap shot
c.  Filter for changed components
10.  You can change perspective size to use walk through on very small assemblies
11.  Sheet  Metal
a.  Swept Flange
b.  Terminate at a point is up to perpendicular or newly parallel to surface
c.  New Bend at tangency
d.  Bend Table
e.  Punch Table
12.  Costing tool
a.  Sheet metal or machined parts
b.  Cost can be on BOM
c.  Assembly cost can use costs
13.  Explode tool in multi-body parts included on drawings
14.  Drawings
a.  Mouse over changed dimensions to show previous value
b.  Add all new center marks to existing view
c.  New Exploded view in view pallete for assembly
d.  Magnetic lines on balloons of assemblies
e.  Reuse deleted view names
f.  BOMs on a separate sheet
15.  Motion / Simulation
a.  Basketball in the net cool optimization
b.  Use of beam elements for simulation
c.  Shell elements with flow
16.  Edrawin Can now check if part is up to date
17.  Import Nuetral Formats - will save only what you want, not all files everytime
18.  Piping - Improved drawings
19.  Uninstall - now fully uninstall SolidWorks
20 .  Funny Dilbert cartoon "The Knack"
21.  Amazing video of a "convertiable" gun - FMG9 Flip gun