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Simulate buckling, but still display stress plot?

Question asked by Omid Khandan on Oct 13, 2011
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I am currently running buckling analysis in SW simulation. My geometries are simple, they have rectangular cross sections for the majority, except a taper at the top and bottom of the structure. I've attached images of the simulations for reference.


Simulation 1 (image 1): Did a buckling analysis through the study advisor (but not the one where it assumes it to be Euler's buckling mode). I get the correct deformation and a 'load factor' that corresponds very well with a rectangular beam of simliar length in my own Euler's buckling analysis. The problem here is I cannot create a stress plot from this analysis.


Simulation 2 (image 2): Same loading constraints however it is not a buckling analysis. It is just a fresh new simulation with no specificity. I can get stress plots out of this, but then again my beam does not buckle.


Is there any way to combine simluation 1 and 2 so I can do a buckling analysis but still see the corresponding stress plot? I am basically trying to optimize the design by removing material while maintaining a threshhold load factor value.


Thanks in advance for your help,