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Slow Dimensioning & Command Fix

Question asked by Brad Joseph on Oct 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by Brad Joseph

Hi All,


I couldnt find this issue or post here, so I figured i would tell you the problem and then our solution in case anyone has a similar problem that they may or may not realize they have.


One of the other engineers here recently got his computer updated. He came by and commented that his dimensioning seemed slow. He compared it to mine and indeed that was the case. His seemed to be about 1-3 seconds slower per command. As in clicking a line, waiting 1-3 second for the dimension to pop up, edit, wait 1-3 seconds, and so on.


In trying to figure out what was going on I turned on Nview Properties (nView Desktop Manager) by accident when trying to get to the control panel. Then i noticed that my dimensioning and commands were the same.


Turning Nview Properties to disabled solves this slow problem.


Just figured i would share.


We are using 2010 SP4.0 by the way.