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Question on sheetmetal part with roof angle running along part length

Question asked by Bob Hanson on Oct 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by Bob Hanson

Hello All,


I have enclosed an image of a sheetmetal part that has a 1.5 angle on both sides of the part down the center of the part length (like a house roof).


When I make this a sheetmetal part with thickness and unfold it, I am looking for a technique that flattens each of the 1.5 angles equally but I don't seem to get that result.


My predicessor had used a plane tipped at the 1.5 degree to first construct one half of the part and then made the other half a flange.


This seems to be problematic if the part undergoes changes as I am dealing with now.




Any thoughts and insights would be greatly appreciated,


Bob Hanson