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    Force on a Rim

    Timothy Bottger

      I'm trying to determine if my basic rim shape can handle a force load as if it were sitting on the ground.  The wheel has a bearing load on the hub, and I created a virtual wall as if were the ground.  I don't want the wheel to move, I only want to see if it can handle the load I am applying in a few configurations.  Basically setting a rim on the ground and setting 150 pound onto the hub as if it were support a load from a wagon or something.  Part is attached.

      Thanks, TMB

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          Anthony Botting

          You could use an Advanced Fixture and apply a single restraint normal to the right plane, on the edge of the rim (direction parallel to component axis of revolution). Then turn-on the "soft spring" option in the properties of the study (to help restrain rigid body motion). This way you can get the reaction off of the rim restraint to check the load balance (not sure if the virtual wall will provide reactions). Hope that helps. -Tony