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    How many Replicated Servers

    Alan Powell Davies

      We have our main office in the UK and a number of smaller offices (1-4 users) arround the world.  We need to create replicated archive servers in a couple of those offices as they are heavy users of EPDM.  However I am unsure whether to allso create replicated servers at the other offices where they do not use EPDM so oftern!  Does anyone have experiance of creating multiple replication?  What are the downsides of having lots of Replications of a vault?

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          Michael Dekoning



          The downsides-

          • Hardware cost of the server.
          • When upgrading, each server has to have the software re-installed, and they all have to be on the same version for the system to work. In other words, your system is offline until this is complete.



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            Todd Puckett



            This can be very easy and not too expensive if you have a good vpn connection between your offices.  A poor connection will give you headaches. 


            The archive server uses little memory or processor, mostly disk space.  I have seen no advantage with using a "server" in a small office.

            We will often use a desktop computer with mirrored drives at a small job trailer or office.  I've even installed it on a users workstation and it worked very well (just make sure they don't turn off their computer).

            The archive server setup is simple and quick.  Replication can take a while depending on the amount of data to be replicated and the speed of your VPN connection.  I will sometimes setup the server in my office and let it replicate before I ship it.


            The web client is a great backup plan.  If someone cannot access the replicated archive server and they have an Internet connection then they can access the vault via the web client.


            As Michael mentioned there will be more maintenance involved when upgrading as all archive server have to be upgraded at the same time.  A typical archive server update takes me 15 minutes.



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