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Mate Alignment flips when sketch is edited

Question asked by Kelly Teel on Oct 12, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by Kelly Teel

I have already read the

"Prompt before changing mate alignments on edit".  I have this selected and am still getting the mate alignment flipped.

Thank you your time solving the problems found in the forum. I have found it to be a GREAT HELP.  But this one is a puzzle.


I have a partial guardrail on the top of a steel tank.  The post placement is controled by a sketch at the assembly level.  I have dimensioned an angle to control what degree that the ladder will be located from the Assembly Right Plane.  I have my posts vertical placement mated with a top plane/top plane.    The Mate controling the distance of the post from the center of the Tank is a Part Front Plane to a POINT on the Sketch.  The "Part" is the Post.


I have the Angle/degree of the post placement mated with a AssemblyPost Plane & Part Right Plane. The Post is Angle Iron. The LEG OUT of the Angle Iron is to the outside of the Tank. When I "rotate" the placement of the Ladder opening the Angle Iron Post "flips" so that the LEG OUT of the Angle Iron is to the INSIDE of the Tank.


Is there a "simple solution" or do I "put it on a leash" by make a little "pie shape" sketch at the Post's Part Level that connects it to the Center Axis of the Tank?


I have attached a jpg to help illustrate my project. 


Thank you for your help