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    wiring diagram

    Rich Mack

      To those of you that use SW for machine design, what do you use to create your wiring diagrams/schematic?



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          Scott McFadden

          Hi Rich,

          Welcome to the forum.


          Draftsight.  Solidworks free 2D software.

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            Rich Mack

            I'll probably get flamed for this, ha.  Why not use Inventor and AutoCAD?  I haven't compared package costs between SW and Inventor/AutoCAD.

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              Daen Hendrickson

              We use Zuken E3.


              AutoCAD Electrical didn't work for the way we do wiring. Very centered around ladder diagram / PLC type industrial wiring.


              PTC offered a product that we bought and returned as un-usable. Don't even recall the name, but I could not recommend any part of it.


              Tried out Mentor Graphics Vesys for a bit. At that point it was an add-on to AutoCAD. It was workable, but again was not a good fit for how we go about things. I do know they have done some major reworking of that product since we used it.


              We bought into E3 before the SolidWorks WireWorks product was released (E3 is the backbone of Wireworks). So we lack the handy interfacing between the two products. Zuken has offered a "patch" - basically the code that Wireworks uses - but the pricing was a bit stiff in our minds.


              We also are using the Enterprise version of E3 - files reside in and SQL database and are accessable by all. E3 is supposed to play nice with SmartTeam. We have PDM Workgroup. Have not even attempted to introduce the two...


              E3 definitely has some cumbersome issues with it, but overall it fits the way we develop wiring quite well. So although it provides plenty of things to gripe about, it seems to be the best game in town - at least for our type of product.


              Our type of product - flight simulators with potentially thousands of discrete circuits, networking, A/C, D/C, Power busses, etc.


              You can export in a CSV type file and import into SW Routing. You have to have your E3 library items and your SW routing library items match EXACTLY (names, PN, ect) and this works pretty well.

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                  Bruce Hoffman

                  Thanks for the review, We are currently evaluating ElecWorks and E3 so looking for all the feedback possible prior to making a decision. ElecWorks is a Solidworks Gold Partner and looks promising but need to give E3 the same opportunity for testing.


                  Regards Bruce

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                  Anna Wood

                  AutoCAD Electrical.  We have one network seat.


                  We also use a vanilla profile in AutoCAD Electrical to do normal AutoCAD dwg work for our legacy designs.