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SW Sheet Format & Drawing Templates in EPDM

Question asked by Kevin Stickels on Oct 12, 2011

Still working on the implementation of EPDM and I am trying to get all of the drawing templates and sheet formats in EPDM. My question is what method(s) would be the easiest to accomplish this? I want to be able to control the formats and templates in EPDM so I am thinking that just tracking to the directory is out. Here are my "givens" at the moment;


A. The company standardizes their sheet format on "B" size drawings (11 x 17)

B. We will be standardizing on ISO metric (with derived imperial on second sheets)

C. The drawings will be dual language.


I am hoping to make a "standard" for the drawings of (3) sheets - Sheet #1 (ISO metric), Sheet #2 (ANSI imperial), and Sheet #3 Revision History...Any input, direction, etc. would be greatly appreciated.