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    Should I Upgrade to 2012?

    Monte Unruh

      Okay I use SW on an average of 1 hr. per day in conjunction with our CAM system.  I am running 2011 SP4.  We are are on maintenane and all that, should I upgrade to 2012 now, or should I wait a while first?  Any suggestions?  What would you do?   Thank you

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          Kelvin Lamport

          For 1 hour/day I would have cancelled the sub's years ago.


          What new features would you be using?

          What features have been added in recent years that you have made good use of?

          How many times have you used support?


          However, make sure you make full downloads for each SP while the subscription is still valid.

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            Anna Wood

            To add to what Kelvin asks....


            Do you regularly get customer data, that is the latest SolidWorks version, that you must be able to open?


            What I do is test the new version of SolidWorks on a copy of of production data first before deciding when we upgrade.  I want to make sure there is not a bug that would leave us dead in the water.  If testing goes well we upgrade.  It is important for us to be using the latest version of SolidWorks as many of our customers are using the latest and greatest.