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Back Pressure in an External Flow with Impingement

Question asked by Mark Snyder on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by Bill McEachern

Reference the photo folks,


I am working an external flow problem where there is a heatsink mounted long axis parallel to the ground.  It is being fed through a hole in a backplane via impinged flow with about 160CFM of air.  The air flows in to the center of the heatsink (directly in to the fins) and then flows symmetrically out through both ends of the extrusion.


FLOW does not have a plot (Surface/Goal/Other) specifically for back pressure so I am thinking of looking at the dynamic pressure on the inside of the lid where the inlet flow emanates and then look at the dynamic pressure at the inside of lids where the flow exits. (The lids at the ends of the heatsink are ignored in flow because it is an external analysis)


The pressure drop from inlet to exit should then be the back pressure on the system....correct? 


Is there an easier way to get this number in FLOW that I am not aware of?