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Question asked by rusty drake on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by Jeremiah Feist

We have been working with SW 2011 for a number of months and when an "older version" assembly is brought up in 2011, manipulated a little, then saved into the 2011 format, the system askes if every part that is still in the older version of SW is to be saved into the 2011 format.  Some assemblies (with numerous parts) askes this question several times, to which the answer is "YES".  Then, if we also have the drawing to that same assembly open and we save it, we have to go through the same motions with answering several times "YES" to every part for the update.  The next time we open a different assembly which uses similar parts to the "YES, YES, YES" assembly that was just put away, we are asked the same questions upon saving again.


Why does the system "not" correct this for us such that when we "save" into the new format, it is content the next time the part is opened in another (or even the same) assembly?  This is very apparent with our Library hardware.  How many times will we have to save our .38 HHCS before we don't have the system ask us if we want it saved in the new format?


Is there a setting in the software we've missed?   HELP, SOMEONE!