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    tilt force

    Michael Ge

      hi, i want to show tilt force in solidworks.


      basically i have a pole and a base. a force is pushing the pole and it will tilt.


      with a constant force, i need solidworks to find out how large the base should be to prevent tilt from helping.


      i wanted to use solidworks 2011 design study to solve this however, my version wont let me set the parameters for some reason.


      i watched videos and went through solidworks help guide, but my design study is different than other peoples. please help

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          Jerry Steiger



          Are you trying to do this in SimulationExpress? I don't think you can do it there, given the limits on the program.


          Unless you are looking for some subtle interactions, you don't need to use Simulation at all to solve this problem. It's just a simple question of balancing the moments, done with a free body diagram. You just need SW to give you the center of gravity and mass of your part/assembly. Once the moment arm times the force is greater than the weight times the distance from the center of gravity to the pivot point, you're tipping.


          Jerry Steiger