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How to pass "File name without extension" from data card to Word custom properties

Question asked by Ben Holgate on Oct 10, 2011

I currently have a data card set up for documents (MS Office) that uses the EPDM special value "File name without extension" as the Document name. I have fields within the Word document that pull from the custom properties of the document, but I can not figure out how to to assign the File name without extension to a custom property in Word as it isn't a variable, but a special value. All the other values that I am using (for revision, dates, sign-offs, etc) are variables on the data card transfer fine to the Word custom properties. Is there an easy way that I am missing to assign this EPDM special value to a Word custom property?


I do have a field in the Word document that is currently using the variable filename, but the problem with that is that depending on the users' Windows settings it either displays or hides the file extension and so there is a lack of consistency across documents.


Thanks in advance for any help.