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NVS4200 vs GTX460M

Question asked by Mirko Tomas on Oct 10, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2011 by Mirko Tomas

Hello all.


Just short question, I know there are similar questions and I have read them but I did not find any one to answer my question.


Like title says, nvidia nvs 4200 and gtx460m for some solidworks work and samo more catia v5 work. Two laptops I'm considering are Dell Latitude E6420 (corei5, 4GB ram@1333, nvs4200 -512MB-64bit, sata II 320GB @ 7200rpm) and asus g73sw (core i7, 8GB ram, gtx 460m-1.5GB@192bit, 500GB@7200rpm+usb 3.0...). Asus is by bit more expensive, but offers a ton of hardware power. Dell is business computer with opengl graphics. I'm not interested in gaming, maybe occasionally, but not significat at all.

I know for opengl and direct x differencies and I have read a lot about comparison of gpu's but mostly for same chip in two flavors geforce/quadro.

Since it is not the case here and my question is, wich one is better for design work, dell with nvs or asus with gtx?

On site I found info,, that in catia app gtx is better 23% than nvs and in solidw nvs is better for 15% (specs for 1920x1200 resolution)

Around 70% or more of my work will be done in catia so my reasoning, regarding info from, that I get more with asus - gtx compesates with its hardware power for lack of appropriate driver (opengl oriented) + core i7 power and 8GB ram.


Any advice?


Thanks in advance!