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Floor Reflections Option not Available?!

Question asked by David Hill on Oct 9, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2011 by David Hill

Hi there,


I'm having some issues getting to grips with the new Photoview 360 plug-in.


I've used PV before as a seperate program and obviously Photoworks last year in the integrated form. It seems a bit of a dud move changing to PV intergration as PW worked absolutely fine and they seem to have cut a massive amount of important options from the old intergrated render package in this new PV renderer. Also the need to now manually add lights and scenes instead of PV just rendering the scene lighting seems absolutely obsurd when PW used to do it just fine.


But that's a rant for another time, right now I'm wondering why Photoview will not render floor reflections? I could render them fine in PW last year but now I find when I try to edit scene (even with floor shadows turned on) the tick-box for Floor Reflections remains un-available:



I'm aware this could be a graphics card issue, but I can't find anything online about it yet. I've tried rendering preview window and through a camera. It's not really very useful for me to have a reflective floor scene that doesn't reflect anything when I render it.


It just seems to me the developers of Solidworks have made a huge (and not too bloody useful) leap backwards in render intergration when Photoworks worked so well before.


So my question is has anyone else experienced this problem with floor rendering and can anyone think of a fix?







PS - I've tried going to turn on Realview Graphics and I find the option un-available, so I am assuming I could be leaning towards the Graphics Card problem?