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BOM Number Precision Rounding/Truncating

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Oct 7, 2011

I am using SW2011 with SP3.


One of our BOM templates contains a column for material thickness. Our part template has a custom property that we set equal to the sheet thickness. The BOM column points to this custom property. The column has a formula to print dashes if no information is in the custom property.


IF(`MaterialThickness`<>"";`MaterialThickness`" in";"-- in")


All this works as expected.


I just changed a part's material thickness.


Previously the thickness was 14 gauge (0.0747") and the BOM showed a thickness of "0.07 in".

I bumped the thickness to 12 guage (0.1046") and the BOM shows a thickness of "0.1 in".


SW seemed to drop a decimal place. I did some digging on the forum and found some discussions showing how to put the precision requirement into the formula. So I decided to try that out with 4 decimal places by adding a {4} into my formula.


I got four decimal places, but the BOM shows "0.1000 in". The value in the part - both the thickness value and the custom property are set to 0.1046. What's more is if I add the same BOM template to my part file, the thickness value shows as 0.1046 in".


What is happening to the 46 part of my thickness value on its way to the drawing?


Thanks, Daen