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Deciphering bolt load results

Question asked by Randy Miller on Oct 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2012 by Randy Miller

I hope someone can help resolve my confusion regarding the list of bolt forces (see attached).  Is there some kind of picture or figure that explains what direction and magnitude is given for each load?  I've looked through the knowledge database and read a few papers on the design behind bolt connectors but nothing I could find provides explanations for the bolt load calculation results.  The pin loads are understandable but the bolt loads don't make sense to me since they have shear loads in all 3 axes (x, y and z) as well as axial and bending moments in all three axes.  Some of these loads are significant so I don't want to ignore them.  See attached for the list I'm looking at.  Any ideas?  The highlighted cells are the ones I'm interested in.  In essence I have two plates separated by a spacer and the bolts hold the plates to the spacer at each end of the spacer.  In the assembly there is loading on the pin from several members as well as loading on each of the plates. 


My end game is to use these loads, obtained in an assembly study, to analyze the component part by itself with all the applicable loads derived from the assembly.  My hope is it will allow for faster solve times and allow me to improve the mesh quality.  In addition, knowing what loads are on the bolt will help me to select appropriate material.


Any help is much appreciated.