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Using meta-data to fill in document properties in Word

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Oct 7, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by Stephen Lapic

A lot of our work is done as "Projects".  I have a template that Sales uses to put in info to create a project.  This then creates an extensive folder structures with variables throughout.  When working in some sections there are other templates to create drawings, models, BOM, etc that draw in some of these variables.


I have a word document that has document properties and field in it that correspond to the same variables in this folder structure, ie. project name, date, customer, etc. My problem is that while the file works fine outside of the vault when I use the template on it I get some odd errors.  Everything looks fine to start but when I open the file I get an error that says "The <document name> cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents."  When I click OK I get another error that says "Word found unreadable content in <document name>.  Do you want to recover the contents of this document?  If you trust the source of this document, click Yes."  When I click yes it opens the file but none of the variables filled in the document properties fields.  Also, the file name changed from what ever I call it to "Document1".


I've looked over my variables and they look fine.  Custome properties with the correct extensions.

I've looked over the template and cards and they look fine.  All variables are correct.


I've even gone into a test vault, made a folder with no extra variables floating around, created a dummy three variable word file and then placed those variables into the vault.  I then created a simple template and card that would manually add the variables to use this document.  Same results.


Any ideas?