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How to simulate heat transfer in Solidworks Simulation (Premium)?

Question asked by Thimal De Alwis on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2011 by Thimal De Alwis

Hi all,


I have an assembly in Solidworks 2010, and I am trying to simulate heat transfer throughout the component using the Simulation tool.  Basically, I want to heat the top of the component at 210 C and then allow heat to flow through the component and then radiate to the external atmosphere (say at 25 C).  I am doing this in order to see how long it takes for other parts of the assembly to reach a desired target temp (say 100 C).


Right now, I have defined a Thermal Study in Solidworks Simulation, and applied several thermal loads.  I defined the Initial Temperature of all exposed faces to be room temperature (25 C), and then defined the Temperature of the top face to be 210 C.  I also have a Radiation load (surface to ambient) that specifies that all exposed faces radiate to the ambient 25 C atmosphere.  However when I make a mesh and run the thermal study, the results do not seem entire assembly reaches 210 C within 100 seconds (which seems unrealistically quick) and no heat seems to dissipate to the atmosphere.  Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or defining incorrectly?


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