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server requirement for a small SolidWorks Enterprise PDM network

Question asked by Alessandro Tufi on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2011 by Alessandro Tufi

Hi all,

   we are evaluating the S.E. PDM, and we have to choice the server.


Actually we have 4 SW clients (in the future they will be 5), so the "standard" server requirements seem to be too "heavy" to us.


We are thinking to buy only one server for both vault and db; the server will be configured as follow:


- 1 cpu Xeon E5606 Quad Core; future expansion allowed (to max 2 cpu)

- 8Gb Ram Ecc Cas 9; future expansion allowed

- raid 1+0 HW with hd SAS 15K, 300GB for each one.

- 1 Gb networking


Actually we are managing 14500 files in 600 folders; they take about 30Gb


We can't know if it is a good solution, what you think? Do we need the raid 0 with the 15K rpm disks? Other ideas?


Thanks for your help