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    Another meshing problem

    Philippe Carette



      I don't understand why the running simulation returns a "Thickness is not defined for one or more shelles", since all my shells aren't with a null thickness.


      And, btw, when i go out of simulX, all the surfaces of the modell are turning from hide to show, and it's....saying ..... a little boring.

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          Philippe Carette

          I read on a close post that surface can generate meshing problem.


          I know this point, but with the part st3, which has exactly the same constructions with surfaces, meshing is working good - except the fact that the sweep2 is disappearing when entering in SimulX : I have to check this sweep in the solid bodies list, at each simul running ....one more bug to add to the list of SW !!!!


          ----2 bugs, in fact, since all the surfaces are turned from hide to show, when exit from SimulX !!!!!