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These Axial Forces Unrealistic???

Question asked by Dave Huth on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by Roland Schwarz

I am a new simulation user and am having a hard time believing the results of the "list bolt forces" in my study.  The frame seen below is subjected to a 73kg force roughly halfway up and a smaller force of 6kg on the base.  This is half of the frame so I applied a symmetry constraint to the open ends as shown.  All the tubes are welded together and I assumed them to be bonded.  The two small machined pieces on the bottom left are used to pin the assembly to the floor so I have fixed the holes of the outer piece to simulate this.  The other machined piece is held onto the tube frame by (4) M8 Bolts torques to 21.2 Nm.  Friction between the frame and the "adapter" is 0.45.  Due to the loading, I was initially concerned about the shear stress on the bolts.  After the study was run, it appears that the axial loading on the bolts is more of a concern...This seems very strange to me considering the loading situation.  Am I missisg something in my study or am I having an engineering brain lapse?...I don't forsee much axial stress on these bolts.  Please help.




Full Frame.JPGAdapter Close Up.JPG