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    Cannot delete stray points in sketch!

    Gafg Agafgaf

      I have encountered an extremely annoying problem that's driving me insane - i have 2 points in a sketch the WILL NOT delete no matter what I do.  I keep getting the error - "Sketch endpoints and center points cannot be deleted unless the endpoint is a split point of a curve."


      To keep things simple I have deleted every thing else in the entire file and left just this 1 sketch with the 2 dud points enclosed by a simple rectangle for easy locating.


      Would someone PLEASE look at this file and tell me ...

      (1) Why can't I delete these points?

      (2) What do i need to do to delete them?

      (3) What the hell did I do that caused these points to become immune to delteion?

      (4) What possible reason would the developers have to prevent unassociated/unrelated/unconnected/isolated points from being deleted???


      I'm using SW 2011 sp4.